Happy Pay Day Loans
How it Works:

Pay Day Loans (often called cash advances) are a form of emergency cash. A pay day loan is designed to help those with unforeseen last minute expenses, such as car repairs, or any other type of emergency. Pay day loans are expected to be paid back with interest when the next pay day arrives. Most companies will carry a loan forward to an additional pay day if necessary (for an additional fee)

The lenders that we feature do not do a credit check, therefore your credit history is not a factor. But these lenders do expect to be paid back, therefore you need an active job and checking account.

Pay day loans are often more cost effective than having to deal with late payment penalties, bounced checks or pawning personal property.

Please keep in mind that we are not involved in the loaning process, and are simply a marketing firm, that specializes in locating the best companies to do business with.




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